Here are some Interesting and Helpful Links: = Installs Common Applications, Browsers, 7zip, etc.

Bleeping Computer = Malware Removal Guides = Watch Cool Anime Shows Login = Portal for Microsoft Accounts / Office 365 = Submit any suspicious file to scan with over 50 Virus Scanners

MITRE ATT&CK Matrix - Contains much useful information about IT Security and attack vectors, etc.

Here are Helpful Programs

Windows 10 Media Creation tool

Windows Update Hider Tool

Malwarebytes Free = Great malware scanner

Security Task Manager = Great old tool to find malicious processes

Sysinternals Process Explorer = Great tool for monitoring processes

Wireshark = The Tools for gathering network traffic info = A site that allows uploads of Wireshark Pcap Files for Online analysis

Eset Online Scanner = Great Free Online Virus Scanner

Rufus = Tool to create Bootable Flash Drives

ioBit = Tool for Uninstalling multiple applications at once, and doing Cleanup

EaseUS ToDo Backup = Great to clone to SSD on a Running Windows System.

Multiping = Setup to Ping Probe IP addresses and gather info over time with Graphs

PDQ Deploy 19.3 = Used to Deploy Software, Works Great!

WinDirStat = Great Program to see Data Size of Folders and Files

Crystal Disk Info 8.12 = See HDD/SSD Smart Status - tell if drive is going bad

Acrylic Wifi Home = See detailed WiFi Signal information with Graphs

Advanced IP Scanner = pings addresses in a range and shows list of Detected IPs and other info

Recuva = An application used to Recover Files

SandBoxIE = A Tool for Isolating a Program and preventing it from accessing other parts of your Computer

DiskGenius - A great tool to edit Disk Partitions and even do Disk Imaging

Windows 10 - Access all Settings

Create a folder named "AllControls.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" and it will show all Control Panel options in that folder